About us

no_music__no_lifeWe are a group that firmly believes in exploring and promoting Australian music and helping the industry in its goal of achieving global awareness as well as appreciation of different Australian music categories, genres and styles.

Our page features authors who are musician themselves and have valuable contributions to the Australian Industries through their compositions and performances. They are avid promoters of Australian music and share initiatives in conducting activities aim at having closer links with the grass roots through music.

From time to time, we feature selected contributors who are active members of music organizations across the country and create valuable insights and advocacies in behalf of the industry they created, belong and loved.

Our authors are key drivers in promoting critical steps in creating music groups as they represent various groups in the Australian music industry and take our page as an opportunity to give voice to members regarding different issues affecting the industry.

Our authors are committed artists whose lives have been dedicated to promoting artistic value, cultural worth as well as commercial potential of Australian music and have nothing but true concerns on the welfare of the industry they work with.

Together we bring a page that is not just about music but as well as the people involves in making it as one of the country’s pride.

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