Australian Music: Letter to Lee

music_AustraliaMusic is one of the avenues used by many young people to reach great heights in the arts industry. It has a great following across the globe due to its diverse nature where it comprises of different genres. There have been great developments with the way different artistes approach the industry where number and quality of copies produced defines one’s success while others will call it a success after making huge cash from the copies sold or shows performed. Many artistes across the world have been making cash as well as building their reputation, which earns them several tours across the major cities in the world. These include artistes from Australia who have enjoyed success all over the world but some have criticized Australian music industry, as among the worst performing in the world have agitated loyal fans of the Australian music. One of the critics is Aussie Brad Lee.

Critic’s view

Lee claims that the Australian music is the worst in the world citing it lacks originality. He also adds that not many artistes have made significant amounts of money out of their own music compared to artistes from other countries of similar caliber that have several artistes topping on charts like Billboard and the likes. With clear rage, Adam Kelly-a band manager in Australia- provided six reasons why he viewed Lee’s sentiments as out of order.

Adam Kelly replies

Adam replied to Lee’s article published in the online UK What Culture magazine by mentioning that the notion of success should not be as a tangible material but a subjective thing that cannot be measurable. He backs this by stating that not many artistes eke for a living by just producing music. To counter the claims by Lee, Adam labels the music industry in the Australia a success, claiming that a huge list of big number of artistes have been making great development in the industry even beyond the borders. He mentions Goyte, Matt Corby, Sia, John Butler, Cut Copy, jet, Chet Faker among others.

Adam is quick to add that the music has become diverse in many ways, as now not many kids will fool themselves by participating in the auditions for the famous X Factor in the name of being a future icon in the music industry. He is happy to note that many upcoming artistes have come up with different styles of music that has also worked to the industry’s favor.

These artistes also enjoy the support from the community radio stations like the Triple J or PBS as well as other media houses across the country that have been the platform for fans to discover new music through their latest news about Australian music. Adam also thanks fellow colleagues in the industry for showing great resilience when it comes to fighting for the artistes’ rights, venues and the patrons. He finally urges the artistes to continue with the efforts they put to make a living and shun the notion that you must come from rich family for you to succeed in music.

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