Sydney sights and sounds

For any New South Wales vistor, it’s customary to have a moment with the capital. Not only is it the pearl of the country (read Sydney Opera house), but a symbol of Australian nationhood. The natural harbor, the architecture, sights and sounds make it the perfect get away for any traveler or holiday seeker. For a place credited with 2.8 million visitors in 2013 alone, it is only logical to want to find out what makes it a preferred destination. In light of these not only are the actual sights, sceneries attractive, but cultural events have found their place as a hallmark of attraction. Music in Australia for instance is one such thing. Myriad festivals dot the calendar of the city and draw a large pool of people.the_rocks

The culture of the people is also a rich source of knowledge for nay visitor. The Australian museum enjoys a long history stretching from 1857 making it arguably the oldest and most important in the country. For the history lovers, this is a definite must visit place. Not only is this the only one but also the Contemporary art, maritime, are some of the few others that would be of interest. For astrology lovers, the 1859 constructed Sydney observatory is definitely a place worth visiting .Gazing into the space, having a look at the collections from studying the universe is worth attention.

Sydney doesn’t only boast of historical venues but parks are not let behind. For any recreational or that lone moment of reflection coupled with tranquility is best captured or felt in Royal Botanic Gardens .The green space is a beauty to behold and perfect stop over to the second oldest park in the world.

Another key reason to visit this beautiful metropolis is the wonderful architecture. The Opera house for instance is almost identical to a sail, the meticulously design is world class perhaps the reason why its synonymous to Australia as the statue of liberty or Eiffel tower is to United States and France respectively. This is also important granted it being listed as a world heritage site and also the designers being awarded the Pritzker prize.However,besides this, there are numerous other architectural masterpieces.1 Bligh Street Atrium is such a sight to behold. A contemporary architecture piece the golden tipped atrium that seems endless rising is a must visit place. For gothic inspired architecture St.James church is one place that captures the gothic architecture inspiration wave in the 1830s.

After a long days visit its only right that one gets to have some time listening to music in Australia.However, certain specific times or seasons are reserved for festivals. A case in point is the rock Australia annual festival that is normally headlined with major acts worldwide and filled with revelers. If the last festival is anything to go by, any fun loving visitor would have to have the Rocks Australia 2016 music programme to catch a glimpse of the big day. There is no doubt this is a must attend gig for any traveler or visitor in Sydney.

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