Getting a Designer for Awards is a Must

Depositphotos_8861265_xsThere are numerous businesses selling ready-made plaques and trophies to companies and associations that need it for their awarding events. While there is nothing wrong with getting a dozen or so of these, it is always recommended to go to a designer and have those awards Sydney customized.

Here are some of the most important reasons why it’s best to hire a designer for these plaques and trophies:

It suits the theme of the event

All events should have a theme. It is important that you think about the design awards well, ensuring that it is appropriate to the theme of your event. Look at the Oscar, the Grammy, the Emmy and all those well-known trophies. They are timeless because the design was well thought of.

It’s part of your Company’s branding

Branding is always an important part of any company’s marketing – whether you own a large conglomerate or a just a small starting one. Everything should have your company’s logo and this includes those trophies you’re giving away to your employees.

You want the recipient to treasure it

There is something about customized awards Melbourne that everyone wants to place on a pedestal. Remember that these should be seen because it’s something that the recipient will be proud of.  It’s something that they will want to treasure. So go for customized one so that they won’t keep it in a box in the attic.

Today, you would have very little trouble finding these companies. Almost all of them are online with photo galleries of all their plaque and trophy designs. It’s tempting to just choose one ready-made design and order a lot of those. After all, those are cheaper.

But don’t. Give them a call. Send them an e-mail. Better yet, go to their office and ask if they have a designer who can customize the design of the awards you’re looking for.

Tell them what you have in mind and let them sketch it for you (if you don’t have one yet). Do take note that this is not an overnight task. These artists will need to work on the sketch, show you for approval, make you a sample, and then show you for approval again, and so on until they get what you want.

Reproduction will also take time, particularly if each piece will have a specific text on it (the award and the name of the person receiving it). It would be best to give the designer a week or two to come up with the final awards Sydney you have ordered.


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