Personal Stylist Tips

Knowing what to wear and dressing for a job, event, internship, or even an interview is a definite source of anxiety and pressure to anyone who wants to impress. We’re pretty sure no one wants to go to a workplace or place of business wearing something inappropriate or at least boring. The thing is you can’t just wear anything if you want to create a lasting impression among peers and officemates. You have to stand out.

Mens StylistBut before you commit to a Personal Stylist to handle your “corporate wear” affairs, you need to at least understand the basics of career-wear. It means that whenever your boss tells everyone there’s a specific dress code for a social event tonight, do you have an idea on what to wear? At this point, I bet you don’t have a single clue. That’s why you ought to be reading this article in the first place.

Types of Corporate/Business Attire

Generally, there are three types of business-oriented or related dress that you have to fully distinguish and understand right before you can become quite good at knowing what to wear for specific business or work-related events. You may have heard them before but if you read more, you’ll get more acquainted to them.

  1. Professional – Any Personal Stylist Sydney will tell you that the business professional attire is the most conservative of all types of corporate outfits. This is the one you expect to wear when it’s another day in the office, especially if you belong in the finance, accounting, and other conservative industries. For women, it usually consists of a business suite, pants suit, dress, and jacket. For men, it includes a business suit, blazer, dress pants, and of course the tie.

  2. Business Casual – The next type is a rather relaxed or moderate version of the first one. However, the term does not really mean you’re going to be wearing something literally casual. It’s like the office dress code if you happen to be in a semi-conservative workplace. There are interviews and work-related evenings that may require you to wear business casual. Talk to a Mens Stylist and learn that it’s primarily a combination of polo shirt or shirt with a collar/sweater, plus dress shoes without the tie.

  3. Campus Casual – And then there’s the campus casual style. It’s actually something that stylists for men and women don’t really advice to wear to work or business. It’s more of a technical term intended for mundane wearing. Therefore, it’s basically about sneakers, jeans, tee shirts, and maybe flip flops. The reason why this one is listed here is because you may be wearing for on-campus interviews or career days.

There you have it – the basics of business attires. Keep in mind that this is just your first step to knowing more about being fashionable even when you’re at work.

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