The Gold Coast the home of fun and entertainment

Situated between Brisbane and New South Wales, the Gold Coast is a prestigious and impressive coastal tourist destination for foreigners as well as Australians alike.

Gold Coast Travel Guide

Good season to enjoy holidays in Gold Coast has to be the summers. Like most Australian coastal cities the Weather in Gold Coast can be described as subtropical with humid and sunny summers and moderate winters. Months between mid-January to March experience much rain.

Gold Coast City can be entered via Coolangatta Airport which has frequent flight connections from New Zealand, Asia and all major Australian cities. This Gold Coast Airport is about half an hour drive from Surfers Paradise. Then there is the Queensland Rail services running electric trains from Brisbane. Rail and bus services are also available from Sydney.

Tourist Attractions in Gold Coast

The renowned Surfers Paradise beach with its awe-inspiring skyline attracts millions of tourists each year. Presenting world-class developments, business facilities and colourful events; and promising inimitable shopping experience Surfers Paradise defines the true Australian spirit.

2844-10Gold Coast has many immaculate beaches and Broadbeach is one of them. Sited close to cafes, shops and restaurants Broadbeach holidays deliver entertainment, adventure, energy and excitement. From nightclubs to piano lounges Broadbeach is fun to be in. Gold Coast Hinterland having three national parks, creeks, waterfalls, rock formations and Mount Tamborine Adventure Park; is best experienced by car or conducted bus tours.

Amongst the other Things to do in Gold Coast you can venture into the Sea World. Wax Museum is another place where you can see life-size wax effigies. A visit to Tropical Fruit Farm full of delicious and exotic fruits is sure to delight your taste buds. Gold Coast Theme Park is another way to discover the city.

Accommodation in Gold Coast

Single and double rooms are readily available all across the Gold Coast Highway in the Motels located adjacent to the Palm Beach, Miami and Mermaid Beach. Backpackers Hostels are available at Surfers Paradise, Main Beach and Southport. Adventurous Accommodation in Gold Coast can be experienced in Caravan and Camping grounds around Miami, Jacobs Well, Kirra Beach, Labrador and Tallebudgera Creek. Apartment accommodations in Surfers Paradise are other convenient options providing modern amenities. Not to forget the five star luxury holiday experiences at the Crowne Plazas and Marriotts.

Most of the eating joints and restaurants in Gold Coast provide yummy seafood and other Australian or Asian dishes. As a matter of fact Surfers, Paradise is blooming as a sundry cafe, restaurant, nightlife and fashion hub. So one of our travel tips for you today is you must visit Gold Coast Australia in your life time!

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Get Your Blood Pumping With Dance Lessons

Depositphotos_25431461_s-2015Have you ever considered dancing as a way to get fit? Whether it’s private dance lessons or a group thing, ballroom dancing is a fun and educational activity that also manages to get you fit. That’s why if you’re looking for a fun way to get rid of those pounds, then dance should be one of your choices.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to learn dance. There are private dance lessons, of course. This is a good way to learn since it allows for the teacher to focus on you. However, it can be a bit expensive.

Fortunately, private dance lessons are not the only way to learn dancing to learn. One of the best ways to learn is to do it as a group. It’s a lot less expensive and you can meet a whole lot of new people in your group classes.

There are several types of dancing classes you can go to though. For example, ballroom dancing is a good choice if you have a partner. Here’s a brief overview of what you can try out.


Modern dance in an interesting outgrowth of ballet. It is however a lot different from the strict ballet dancing. This is what makes it so great for older people. Modern dance is a lot more forgiving on the body, but it still gives you a good workout.


Hip-hop dance is, like hip-hop music, a product of hip-hop culture. Moves like popping and locking are featured throughout. However, what’s really important is improvisation and a personal touch to the dance moves.


Jazz dance is like hip-hop in its love for improvisation. However, jazz dance borrows from a lot more traditions than hip-hop like ballet, modern, and more. Jazz is big on large body movements so expect to move around a lot with this.


Swing dancing is a dance style where the partners jump, spin, and swing together. Popularized in the 30s and 40s, swing dancing is pretty lively and pretty active. There are several forms of it and you’ll enjoy all of them.


Ballroom dancing covers a whole lot of dances. Starting from the waltz to tango lessons, ballroom dancing can be sexy to subdued. However, they all require partners. If you and a loved one want to go into dance, this type of dancing would be the best for you.

Overall, there are a lot of choices when it comes to dance lessons. Pick one that is best for you and fire up the dance floor.


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What A Little Creativity Can Do To Wedding Photos

Wedding photos are naturally beautiful since they capture the meaning of the moment. But, with a little creativity in wedding photography thrown in, these beautiful photos become even more stunning.

depositphotos_2862602_s-2015Fine art is a style of photography that elevates traditional wedding photos into romantic shots. Wedding photographers who are into this style usually have experience in fashion shoots.

Then there is the reportage style of taking wedding photos. The creativity of wedding photographers who practice this style comes from their background in news and photo journalism shots. This means that they are good at capturing fleeting moments of the action going on. Candid is the way to go with this style of photography. This is what defines the creativity n this style of taking shots.

The best wedding photographers in Auckland can easily twist some of the shots with a little bit of creativity. If the couple is fun-loving, they can turn some of the shots into quirky images. Yes, quirky style of photography will certainly put a different spin to the wedding. And it is one of those styles that make the wedding a memorable one. Photographers who can pull this style off have the ability to calm the nerves of tensed couples. This ability comes in handy since some of the people in the guest list do not know each other. Aside from making the couple and other guests do quirky things, photographers can also photo shop some of the shots to make it appear fun and funny.

Some of the most successful Auckland wedding photographers are very much adept at taking vintage style photos. The rusticity of the shots makes these look very romantic. Photographers who practice this style of taking photos complement weddings that have rustic settings. Pots, mason jars and old twine create the perfect effects and background to vintage style photography. The creativity of the photographer comes in when he starts making the photos appear like they were taken from a past era.

The next creative approach in wedding photography is called trashing the gown!  Obviously this has to happen when all of the important events of the wedding are done. Most brides would like to keep the gown untouched. But on the other hand, it would be fun to have the gown covered in different colors. There are other ways of doing it. But the bottom line is that this will look so much fun in photos.

Creativity in wedding photography has practically no limits.

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