How to Make it in the Music Business

music-businessThe Australian Music industry is one of the most successful and lucrative platforms for any artist who wants to break out and become a world sensation whether it is a pop star, classical artist or a rock bank. For a lot of artists, the prospect of making it big in the Australian Music scene is synonymous to a far-fetched dream, not knowing where to begin and how to break out and get their demo tape noticed. This guide will help prepare a potential recording artist for the journey ahead and understand what it takes to make it in the music business in Australia.

Step One: Don’t just mail your Demos- Get yourself an internship

Getting your foot in the door isn’t going to happen by magically snapping your fingers and hoping that the mailroom guy decides to drop off your mix tape to a booking agent because he thought you were special and had star quality. If you can find yourself an opportunity to become more exposed in the music business upfront, such as an internship in the recording studio it will increase your chances of meeting the right producers who may be interested in listening to your type of music. Finding a platform that gives you direct access to the movers and shakers of the recording industry will give you an insight on the record making process as well as find a channel for your demo tape to be heard.

Step Two: Get yourself a Paying Job

Let’s face it; you have to live in reality while waiting for your big break. Part of that is getting a job outside of your internship that will actually pay for your bills and your demo tapes. Most internship will have minimal allowance for pay that means you have to get a job outside of it to support yourself. This will also give you a fall back career in case your recording artist aspirations don’t pan out. Some of the most successful recording artists had other jobs before they made it big. Think of it as your safety net and a means so you can cut more track recordings that you can put out.

Step Three: Get yourself Gigs and join Music Festivals

Another great way to meet the right people and find producers who will take notice of your talent is to perform. You can start out in small venues and it will even be free, but these opportunities can bring about renown and get you noticed by a producer when you least expect it. It will also help you gain experience in performing for an audience to prepare you when you hit the big time.

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