Artists are too engrossed in their music writing and performing skills and most of the time care not about other things like licensing, copyrighting and on how the industry could help them hone and enhance their talents.  Unfortunately, these leave artists unprotected and most of the time uninformed.

Australian MusicThis page does not claim to be an expert on the matter of protecting artist’s rights or in assimilation of information; however we were able to have the privilege of getting into the shoes of a well-informed artist who enjoys what the industry has for every artists.

This is mainly the contents of this page; everything about what artists should know in Music creation, Copyright Music, Membership in Australian Music Organizations and Australian   Music Industry Regulating laws and the collaborations between the federal government and Australian Music Industry in uplifting and promoting Australian musicians and performers.

Added to these are news involving the music industry ;  musical events promoting grass root music as well as indigenous and Australian Contemporary music and news on the people spearheading artistic advocacies in the hopes of creating global awareness of Australian music.

They say that there are no free lunches and one has to pay for the information however, we’re able to dispute this by simply being an informative source for artists by posting free and verified information on topics that artists would be delighted to know.

Artists are invited to visit the page and get the chance to be informed on things that will help create a bright future for their artistic talents.

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