A Cheaper Alternative to Expensive Outdoor TVs

There are many reasons why people want to install television units outside. Of course, some do it for personal reasons; having outdoor televisions is great for watching those summer games in their patios or backyards. At the same time, more and more advertisers opt to use video or other running ads broadcast on TVs to attract customers. Whatever the reason, these appliances are not anymore confined to living rooms or bedrooms.


There are weatherproof TV units that are available out there on the market, which can run in higher outside temperatures and are protected against moisture. However, they are not the cheapest, are normally chunky and not of equal quality as the top-of-the-line home TVs.

TV enclosures are the key to making televisions protected outside. They are in the form of weatherproof lockable case that protects your TV from rain, dirt and other debris. They come as well with an intelligent sensor system that will check the temperature. Should it be too warm for outdoor televisions to operate, the fans will switch on to avoid them from overheating, prolonging their life too.

The outdoor cases come with wiring inside so that the unit’s plug is also safe from the elements and that the enclosure can be closed off completely. At the same time, two locks can be installed to keep it safe from thieves and vandals. The polycarbonate material for the viewing side can also be recommended against vandalism, because of its unbreakable quality.

These TV enclosures are the perfect alternative to buying those expensive outdoor units. They are ideal for those who want to install them on many places for marketing purposes without having to spend too much money. These outdoor televisions are also easily mounted on the wall through heavy-duty mounts that can survive all conditions and handle the weight of both the enclosure and the TV unit.

One of the best features is that they are available with ip56 enclosure customizations, which means that they are completely sealed off from dust and protected against strong streams of water. This is perfect for TVs that are not installed under roofs or other overhead protection.

Thanks to these cases, it is now easy to install high-quality LCD television units outside, without fear of it breaking down due to the Australian heat, rain or even from being stolen or vandalized. In fact, they are so long lasting that they might even outlive your indoor TVs!

Many homes now install outdoor TV for family bonding or friends’ entertainment. If you want to turn your regular TV for outdoor viewing, then contact http://sealtv.com.au/.

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