Getting a Website to be Noticed Via SEO

A lot of businesses that are new to the internet think that having a website is all that is needed to bring-in customers. When they learn that they need SEO techniques to have their websites’ rank sometimes come as a jolt. Their continued education in website development and internet marketing strategies help them to get past this early misconception and get on with ranking on SERPs and getting visitors to their pages.

Evolving search engines

website noticeThe business of SEO has been evolving continuously and aggressively for the past six to eight years. Before 2010, the main aim of websites was to get listed on search engine results pages (SERPs) in any method. However, with the continued development of Google search algorithms, the aim has effectively changed to be the user experience. That is, websites now give users reasons to visit their pages, stay longer to browse other pages, and then to click on “subscribe” or “buy” button.

The development of SEO has been in parallel with that of Google. In many ways, the methods and strategies have evolved and these keep on changing with each algorithm revision. What is not being noticed is the direction where Google is stirring search. If a website owner’s strategy is  to follow what everyone else is doing, he will forever be trying to catch up. However, if the strategy is to understand where Google is going, the website can refine their optimization strategy, and be ahead of the game.

Pay-per-click and advertising

An alternative strategy is that of a PPC management. PPC is pay-per-click and what it does is to use a third-party service to push for more visitors. The payment for this service is a pay-per-click model. Every time a visitor clicks on an external site, and ends up in the target website, a corresponding credit is given to the referrer. Typically, this can be any advertising model, including advertorial and the use of social media marketing techniques, viral media or even word-of-mouth.

Word of mouth

Another popular method is reputation management. Although this method has a lot more uses, and is defined broadly, what it does is to track down all mentions of a particular keyword, or account name, and leave a reply or a comment. The aim of this method is to get personal with the mention, and turn this around to a click to the website. The mentions can be on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ or any other Web 2.0 website, and it can be in relation with any thread. Joining the thread or creating a conversation can lead to further exposure for the website.

To get your website known is a serious job that every web owner desires, get help from SEO experts and consult

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