Giving that Old Hotel a Modern Spin: Update the Bathrooms!

Everyone loves quaint and charming hotels, especially those that have a lot of history in them. The same applies with old chalets, castles, and inns that have been around for decades or even centuries. The only problem that needs to be addressed is the bathroom; old plumbing can cause serious problems and scare off customers. This is why you need custom bathroom renovations before opening up an old hotel for business.

bathroom_reno2While it may look as if nothing’s wrong with it, most hotel bathrooms from long ago don’t work as well as the modern ones. Plumbing was not as efficient during those times, and water pressure was definitely a concept that they had to wrap their heads around. There weren’t many skyscrapers then as they are now. Custom bathroom renovations are meant to fix pipes, adjust water pressure, replace old fixtures and add some modern touches like a flushing toilet, tissue dispensers, soap and so on and so forth.

This is an important thing to look into since hotel guests as well as tourists are often very particular about bathrooms. Aside from cleanliness and on how well it looks, they look at how well things work inside restrooms. If the toilet takes a long time to flush, or if the water pressure in the shower isn’t good, you might be in trouble. Also, there’s something reassuring about a steaming hot shower especially when the weather is cold.  Old hotels and bed and breakfasts often call on bathroom renovators Sydney to repair old fixtures and make sure that there’s enough hot water in all the rooms as soon as guests open the shower tap.

Apart from these, having a tub in a hotel also means luxury and comfort. Some people are looking for a Jacuzzi, but for others, a classic claw foot tub will do. Old hotels may have had tubs in their day, but it may have been damaged or are no longer fit for use. You can rely on Sydney bathroom renovations to find a suitable tub that matches the décor and theme of your hotel or inn.

You may also choose to look for a company or person who specializes in restoring period pieces. These items will not only complement bathrooms, but other corners of an old world hotel as well.

Guests are discerning and oftentimes critical of how well-restored and maintained hotels are. So make sure that your bathroom and the rest of the areas in your hotel are up to scratch otherwise, go for custom bathroom renovations.

Those offering accommodation services always ensure their bathrooms are updated, or else, it will call for loses. When required, contact

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