Hand Dryers and Paper Towels – Serving the Hygiene Needs of Australians

There is an ongoing debate as to which is a lot better when it comes to drying the hands after using the restroom or simply washing the hands. Some say the paper towels do a better job at completely drying the hands while there are those who will say that hand dryers are more effective in drying as well as eliminating other microorganisms that are susceptible to heat. Many Australian establishments prefer the latter while most residences opt for the paper towels.


Studies suggest however that both methods are equally effective when it comes to the primary purpose of drying wet or moist hands. For an interfold toilet paper, the added benefit is the soft cottony feel of the tissue on one’s skin that provides tactile stimulation. Some individuals find this a lot more pleasing than rubbing your hands together as they are blow-dried under the nozzle of a hand dryer. Paper towels are also a lot cheaper to provide although in the long run, perhaps it may be as costly as installing dedicated hand dryers.

Now, you might ask why there is such a fuss about these two methods in the first place.

Unless you are the kind of person, who don’t necessarily think that washing your hands after using the restroom is important, these two drying methods are crucial in order to fully capitalize on the antimicrobial properties of an anti-bacterial hand soap. These antimicrobial soaps kill microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be present in your hands after using the toilet or the restroom. You might think that not drying your hands after washing will be a lot better but it is not necessarily. You see, if you have wet hands, there is a greater likelihood that microorganisms that are airborne can cling onto wet surfaces and stay there. Majority of microorganisms thrive in a moist environment so you are simply giving them all the more reason to thrive.

If you use hand dryers, you are increasing the temperature of the surface of your skin thereby eliminating any heat-sensitive microorganisms. Additionally, the pressure from the dryer can effectively dislodge microorganisms from the surface of your skin. This is in effect almost similar to using the paper off your jumbo toilet roll dispenser to dry your hands except that you are not contributing so much paper waste that can end up in a recycling facility.

Whether you prefer to use paper towels to dry your hands or use hand dryers instead, you need to know that either can help you stay clean and relatively germ-free.

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