Short Term Accommodation in Sydney – Your Home While Away From Home

Sydney is a family-friendly destination, and family vacationing together can enjoy a wide range of accommodation options including self-serviced and catered apartments. Most of these self-serviced or catered apartments are located in Sydney suburbs and near Sydney’s popular attractions. Annandale Apartments in Sydney have been offering a temporary home for families traveling together and it alllow members to feel at home while exploring Sydney’s family-friendly attractions. annandale_furnished1

Sydney’s short-term accommodation is a convenient alternative to hotels especially for family traveling together.  Rates are comparable and on weekly or monthly flat rate. Typical Annandale apartments near Sydney CBD has spacious living rooms and kitchen complete with furnishings and small appliances that allow a family to feel the comfort of a home while exploring  Sydney’s Darling Harbour family outings, Bondi beach and  enjoying Sydney’s family picnics and bushwalking. A studio type short term accommodation provides a comfortable living for a small family who’s keeping up with lifestyle while enjoying a Sydney family vacation package. Most units have en suite rooms and kitchenette complete with utensils and appliances that allow small and intimate cooking. Since most are located near Sydney’s day and night markets, a family can enjoy home cooking using Australia’s best produce.

Large family traveling together may find it hard to get hotel booking and Annandale apartments offer short term leases that are tailored to specific Sydney’s visitors including large group travelers. A two-bedroom unit apartment has family lounge, large self-catering kitchen and on request a BBQ provision. Stylish family unit has outdoor or indoor swimming pool and front yard for entertainment and small parties. There is a large parking space and kids can move and run around as much as they want. Security is ensured, and a family feels safe and secured on 24/7 basis. Most boutique furnished accommodation Sydney offers same comfort and luxuries with little discrepancy on rates.

It had happened in the past that a family vacationing in Sydney had decided to stay permanently, and their short term accommodation became their temporary home while on the process of purchasing or building their own in Sydney. A common tale is that while they’re looking for furnished apartment to rent inner Sydney, the family fell in love with the peaceful and quiet surrounding and the very accommodating community, and the decision to stay permanently happened almost instantly.

Short term accommodations in Sydney simply abide with its principle of providing home while away from home and in keeping up with Sydney’s image as family-friendly destination.  So, if you’re planning a family vacation in Sydney, let a short term accommodation in Sydney be your home.

Experience a short-term accommodation with the same luxury when staying in hotels, go for

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