Taking Home Gothic Art in Sydney

Gothic art and architecture is one of the most beautiful and wholly recognizable in all of history. While Australia was founded in the late 1700s, you can see how widespread the influence of 12th century Gothic art is in Sydney. And yes, you can take some of those skull bracelet and necklaces home.

gothic2Sure, a lot of people go to Sydney, Australia to see the beautiful city – the wide harbor, the world renowned Opera House and its white sand beaches. So many of those tourists are surprised to see gorgeously crafted jewelry pieces on the streets. And yes, they tend to get a lot of them.

Some sell plain silver crosses on chains, Celtic cross jewellery of different sizes, earrings for wherever you want to put it and so many more. You’ll get a lot of these for a really good price as well.

Now, if you’re a connoisseur of Gothic Art, Sydney won’t disappoint you. Some of the best shops in the world offering these medieval finds – whether it’s a well-made reproduction or an actual authentic piece from that century – are found in this great Australian city.

They have gothic-inspired watches that would be great for those who have a more adventurous sense of style. If it’s too much as a fashion accessory, you could frame that and place it on your desk. It would surely be a great conversation piece. They have shields, swords, medieval armors, chain mails and even gargoyles.

A skull bracelet might be too common for some Gothic style fanatics so if you’re the type who likes a really unique work of art, you’ll find a lot of it too. They have dragon ear wraps made from sterling silver, silver chokers with rubies, emeralds and other fine stones, and ornate steam punk rings.

If you’re a tourist who really isn’t into hardcore Gothic fashion but you would like something from that era, you’ll find classier pieces that are more elegant than the usual skull earrings you’ll see.

Gothic buttons or cufflinks would spruce up any plain shirt you plan to wear to work. Tasteful hair clips and other medieval-inspired accessories would prove to be a perfect accent to that tiny black dress you want to wear to a party.

There’s more to Gothic style than just scary skull bracelet and you will be awed at the creations whether it’s a Celtic, Wiccan, pirate, Victorian and steam punk piece.

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