Melodies from Downunder

music_AustraliaAustralia has served as a fusion ground for the music. Its history stretches back to indigenous folk music and colonial classical music. Australia’s contribution to the music world is vast, which includes contemporary fusion and western style music. Post World War II multicultural immigration has helped in diversifying music in Australia. At present, Australia has different Australian singers representing different genres of music. Music of Australia is popular in countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, and other European countries. Since, the music of Australia is similar to these countries Australian singers has much larger audiences. Some of the most famous Australian singers are Dame Nellie Melba, Slim Dusty, and Johnny O’Keeffe.

Music from the past

Australia is successful in saving its culture and tradition, which allows old indigenous and folk music to flourish. Indigenous Australian music comes from Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders. This music is one of the oldest in the world. Fusion of contemporary indigenous music and new era music like hip-hop, rock and roll, country has entertained the world. Singer Jimmy little was the first to popularize this form of music. Today, Yothu Yindi who is an indigenous music singer has achieved great feat in indigenous music by winning eight ARIA awards. Other singers like Keve Carmody and Christine Anu have popularized this form of music.

Folk music of Australia comes from bush music, which belonged to folk traditions of Australia. The convicts sent for punishment in Australia, during British colonization in 1788, first sung Bush Music. One of the most famous folk song, Waltzing Matilda is Australia’s unofficial national anthem. Singer like Slim Dusty, John Schumann and The Bushwackers have popularized folk songs in twenty first century.

Modern Popular music

Like most parts of the world, Australia has great taste for modern music. There are different Australian singers who are famous for their music in respective genre.

  • In R&B and Soul, Lowrider is one of the most popular Australian band in the world. Its “Round the World” won nomination for the Australian Music Award in Best Album category. Recently, Lowrider played its hit songs in popular series “Home & Away” season finale on Channel 7. Singer Cody Simpson is considered as the new sensation in R&B style.
  • In Rock and Pop, Johnny O’Keefe was the first Australian rock star, who drew comparisons with stars like Elvis Presley. When “The Beatles” toured Australia, the face of Australian rock music changed. Band like Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs took over the world of rock music in Australia. The Throb and Normie Rowe became most popular pop stars of Australia. In 1970, AC/DC band created sensation in Australia. Music in Australia went through lot of changes during 80′s and 90′s. Major band of that era were The Angels, Midnight Oil, Cold Chisel and Matt Finish
  • Electronic music is the most modern addition to Australian music. It was first seen in 1990′s, which included house, techno and funk. Individual Dj like Dirty South has created its name in electronic music.
  • Hip hop, one of the most popular style of music in the world, is slowly making its mark in Australia. There are bands like, 360, The Herd, Funkoars, Pez, Thundamentals etc.

Diversity in the country is well reflected in its music. Listening its music is the best way to learn more about it.

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