Music Festivals to Enjoy While Enjoying Australia

Traveling to Australia? Why not time it during any Australian music festival and enjoy the biggest, wildest, and merriest party ever. Here are some of the music festivals you ought to join while in Australia.

Field day

It’s Sydney’s New Year welcome party and the most popular boutique music festival. Usually held at The Domain, attendees enjoy super-friendly music environment where everyone mingles, have fun, and dance to world’s best line-ups of hip-hop, house, indie and electronic sounds. The party starts even before the sun sets down and packs up at wee hours of the New Year Day.

Lost_ParadiseLost Paradise

It’s over New Year’s Eve party and a 3-day festival where there’s great camping, food, yoga and art in Australia’s best location – Glenworth Valley, NSW. If you’re based in Sydney, it’s only 75 minutes outside the city outskirts to enjoy the best New Year Party outside this iconic Down Under city.

Wide open space music festival

Underground music fans would love this 3-day best underground beats only available in Australia. The venue is a beautiful resort at the foot of MacDonnel Ranges, which inspire music fans more. It is held in May when the weather in Central Australia is generally cold.

Grooving the Moo

Another music festival to watch in May is Groovin the Moo where everyone listens to new and familiar sounds. Local communities take part and join the music celebration and usually this music festival hits each state allowing Aussies and guests not missing it out. Venues include Bunburry, Oakland, Maitland, Townsville, Benoigo and Canberra. The time of the year when Canberra weather allows colorful bloom adds attraction to tourists.

Happy Daze Music Festival

Held at the end of May, this music festival is filled with stimulating sights, sounds and activities that soar up adrenalin. The colorful stage and fireworks are for full mesmerizing party experience. The venue is in Central Queensland.

Return to Rio

Return to Rio is another 3-Day music party where everybody is invited to enjoy the best underground house music plus lots of food, beer drinking and dancing. Many party lovers love this weekend party usually held at Wiseman’s Ferry. Return to Rio is summer’s opening and closing party. If you are planning to enjoy Aussie’s hot summer, you shouldn’t miss this music festival.

Earthcore music fest

A 5-day music feast featuring 5 distinct stages offering the best party themes and events such as Yellow Sunshine Chill Out, Kinky Karnival Freak Show, Boutique camping and Muffplex Cinema. It’s from November 24 to November 28 and Pyalong, Victoria plays host.

There are over 30 music festivals in Australia and attending to one or two would leave one breathless and mesmerized. If you’re a party animal, you’ll simply love being in Australia as there are so many music party to enjoy and live for.

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